Desky Kernôwek Bew – Descans 1

Gerva  Vocabulary:

da adj., good; 
m., lesson, unit, teaching; 
vbn., learn/learning;
prp., to; 
dhe whei 
prp.prn. + prn., to you (emphatic); 
prp.prn., to you;
Duw bo genowgh! 
phr., goodbye!, God be with you!;
adv., also, too; 
m., Cornish language;
lowena dhewgh! 
phr., hello to you!;
 f., joy;
num., one (used on its own); 
(H) prt., (continuous particle);
poynt a skians
 phr., a word of advice;
(S) adv., very; 
pur dha 
phr., very good; 
thera vy
 phr., I am (there); 
thero whei 
phr., you are (there); 
prn. I, me; 
prn., you (to one person when being polite; to more than one person);

Patronys Lavarow Sentence Patterns

  • thera vy + o + (H) + vbn., “I am (DO)-ing, I (DO)”
  • thero whei + o + (H) + vbn., “You are (DO)-ing, You (DO)”


Rester Berrheansow List of Abbreviations

  • adj., adjective;
  • adv., adverb;
  • f., feminine noun;
(H)., hard mutation;
  • m., masculine noun;
  • num., numeral, number;
  • phr., phrase; 
  • prn., pronoun;
  • prp., preposition;
  • prp.prn., prepositional pronoun;
(S), soft mutation;
  • vbn., verbal noun;


2 thoughts on “Desky Kernôwek Bew – Descans 1

  1. Thanks very much for these lessons. You are definitely one of the best language teachers I’ve ever had, especially as I’m normally quite a visual learner and need written stuff in front of me as well but because of your nice morphological breakdowns, I’m coping really well!
    Merasthe rwhei 😉

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