Desky Kernowek 1

Lowena dhe whei!

Welcome to Desky Kernowek! – Learning Cornish. Here’s a link to a new audio course for learning the Cornish language. The course is an audio course, you will not need to write anything down. The dialect presented is Modern Cornish, the variety of Revived Cornish based on the language of the 17th and 18th century.

Here’s Descans Onan – Lesson One!

Gwary teg dhe whei! – Have fun!


One thought on “Desky Kernowek 1

  1. Desky Kernowek! is a tremendous idea, and as someone who may be moving to Cornwall in the near future, it is an excellent resource with which to prepare myself for the unknown … But (and of course there is always a “but”), as an adult learner I sometimes find it difficult (/very/ difficult) to pick out exactly what is being said. When (some years ago) I set out to learn Mandarin, I found the Pinyin transcriptions which accompanied the audio material to be invaluable when a particular word or phrase was hard to discern in the audio; Pinyin may be far from perfect (how can ‘r’ represent a sound both close to English ‘r’ as in ‘rat’ and to French “j” as in ‘je’ ?) but it was a lot better than nothing. Better still (had it existed) would have been an IPA transcription of the audio material; harder to learn initially but far better suited to indicating the subtleties of Chinese pronunciation (e.g., Nǐ hǎo does NOT sound like “knee how”, even ignoring tones !). So my question to you, Dan, is “have you ever considered producing an IPA transcript of the lessons ?”. If you have, what made you decide not to do it ? And if you have not, is this something you might be willing to consider for the future ?

    With very best wishes and sincere thanks for everything you have done so far.

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