Desky Kernôwek Bew – Descans 1

Gerva  Vocabulary:

da adj., good; 
m., lesson, unit, teaching; 
vbn., learn/learning;
prp., to; 
dhe whei 
prp.prn. + prn., to you (emphatic); 
prp.prn., to you;
Duw bo genowgh! 
phr., goodbye!, God be with you!;
adv., also, too; 
m., Cornish language;
lowena dhewgh! 
phr., hello to you!;
 f., joy;
num., one (used on its own); 
(H) prt., (continuous particle);
poynt a skians
 phr., a word of advice;
(S) adv., very; 
pur dha 
phr., very good; 
thera vy
 phr., I am (there); 
thero whei 
phr., you are (there); 
prn. I, me; 
prn., you (to one person when being polite; to more than one person);

Patronys Lavarow Sentence Patterns

  • thera vy + o + (H) + vbn., “I am (DO)-ing, I (DO)”
  • thero whei + o + (H) + vbn., “You are (DO)-ing, You (DO)”


Rester Berrheansow List of Abbreviations

  • adj., adjective;
  • adv., adverb;
  • f., feminine noun;
(H)., hard mutation;
  • m., masculine noun;
  • num., numeral, number;
  • phr., phrase; 
  • prn., pronoun;
  • prp., preposition;
  • prp.prn., prepositional pronoun;
(S), soft mutation;
  • vbn., verbal noun;


Ma tre nowydh dhe’n cors audio “Desky Kernôwek Bew”!

Ma tre nowydh dhe’n cors audio “Desky Kernôwek”!

The audio course “Desky Kernôwek” has found a new home. Lessons One to Four are now available for download at:

Gwary teg gas bo ganjo!

Otta dhewgh Descans Trei! – Here’s Lesson Three for you!

It’s a longish one with a number of repetitions, but also quite a bit of new stuff. You can take it in several sessions or go through it a few times. The main thing is that you actively participate and translate the English sentences given, before the speaker says them, then when said in Cornish by the speaker, repeat them again… Have fun wherever your learning Cornish! Whether you are listening to them on your smartphone on the way to work, or relaxing with a coup of tea in the afternoon…

Gwary teg ‘bo dhewgh! – Have fun!


Desky Kernowek 1

Lowena dhe whei!

Welcome to Desky Kernowek! – Learning Cornish. Here’s a link to a new audio course for learning the Cornish language. The course is an audio course, you will not need to write anything down. The dialect presented is Modern Cornish, the variety of Revived Cornish based on the language of the 17th and 18th century.

Here’s Descans Onan – Lesson One!

Gwary teg dhe whei! – Have fun!